Award-winning series

A series that spotlighted Staten Island’s West African population that coincided with the trial of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor in The Hague won first place from the New York Association of Black Journalists (Print/Small Circulation, International, 2008).

“The trial represents more than retribution… [Local leaders and human rights groups] herald the trial as a sign of the end of impunity for warlords.”

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“‘You would come put your head on the trunk of a tree, and the guy would blow a whistle and then just fast. Cut off your head. It was like, pam, pam, pam.’ You would put your head down. Next! Next! Like that.’ Jalloh would have been the seventh, but in the roulette of war’s chaos, the sound of rebels shouting nearby annoyed a commander who ordered the rebels [away].”

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“Massaquoi was the only man hiding there who would survive the week.”

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