Business and tech writing

I’ve written case studies, blogs, newsletters, social posts and web content for a B2B tech company.

Children’s literature and other

I wrote a children’s book, Snail, I Love You, with my daughter, Willa. It was released in 2018 from Fifth Avenue Press, and it is brimming with love. It is also gorgeously illustrated by my neighbor, fabric artist Becky Grover. Thanks to some 200 supporters, it was 433% funded on Kickstarter.

I’ve also written copy for a forthcoming boardgame, Veggie Monster.

Academic writing

A generation of Michiganders — virtually everyone born in the state between 1989 and 2010– has blood samples in storage at a biobank in Detroit, where they are a resource for health research. Most don’t realize it.

My academic writing on public health communication, including social media analysis, arose from a six-year project at the University of Michigan (grant 5-R01-HD-067264-02) to raise statewide awareness of the state’s newborn screening and biobanking programs (2011-2016).

These manuscripts include:

Tevah Platt et. al., Engaging a State: Facebook Comments on a Large Population Biobank (Journal of Community Genetics, 2017)

Tevah Platt et. al, Facebook Advertising Across an Engagement Spectrum: A Case Example for Public Health Communication (JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 2016)

Tevah Platt et. al., Cool! and creepy‘: Student Perspectives on Michigan’s Biobank (Journal of Community Genetics, 2014)

Additional publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tevah_Platt


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