“Images from popular culture often associate abortion with frightened teenagers, but Maria’s case more aptly represents the face of abortion on Staten Island, New York City and throughout the United States.”


“The consumers tend to know which foods are healthy, according to a recent community food assessment, but they often fail to maintain a balanced diet because of tight budgets and poor access to supermarkets.”

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“Staten Island is the only borough that lacks direct bus services for residents visiting upstate prisons, and it has fewer programs aggressively helping parolees through the difficult transition back to their home communities.”

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“This fall, simmering tensions between African-American teens and youth from Liberia, Sierra Leone and other war-scarred regions of Africa have spurred new alliances among Staten Island community leaders who hope to prevent future violence.”

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“The Easter Sunday fire that ravaged 40 acres of wetlands last spring ate through part of the bulkhead near Cedar Grove Colony, leaving the flood-prone area vulnerable.”

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