Websites + blog

As a journalist and academic, I have created simple WordPress sites for blogs, events, and educational purposes. I provided the written and visual content for these and other sites:

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The website presents videos, FAQ, findings and resources to inform and engage Michiganders about the state’s newborn screening and biobanking programs. Michigan’s health department’s web materials on these programs now include a link to this site.

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I partnered with a geneticist at the University of Michigan to create the genetics blog, written for a popular audience.

One of my posts went viral with ~90,000 views in 2011. Even though it has had no new posts for several years, the blog continues to receive ~10,000 visitors each year. When time permits, I plan to return to the project in order to complete a genomic “pregnancy timeline” to correspond with each week of development.

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The website was created to support its inaugural symposium and other events focused on the ethical, legal and social implications of learning health systems.

I was also news site contributor to