State politics, 2007: Staten Island’s first openly gay public official “led his victory speech last night with a one-word exclamation — a bursting firework of a word. ‘History!’


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“Tabacco, who is not related to the Republican nominee, Lou Tobacco, is likely to bring added confusion to any Islander who ever stumbled over the Molinaro/Molinari distinction in local politics.”

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Perspective 2006: A war on Christmas? Bah, humbug!

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“‘God,’ who also scored [a write-in vote], only knows whether he and other candidates were cast facetiously or as satirical comments on the shortcomings of the main-stream candidates or the limits of the two-party system.”


“Because the gender earnings gap is a relative figure, a narrowing wage gap over time can be a sign of men’s wages declining, rather than gains achieved by women.”